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Winter PPE Review Update

With the arrival of winter, it’s a good time to review the personal protective equipment (PPE) for construction workers operating in cold conditions. Contractors face unique challenges requiring additional PPE for their safety and well-being. Here’s a checklist to go over with your crew. Insulated Clothing Insulated jackets, pants, and coveralls for warmth in cold […]

The Value of a Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile allows businesses to manage their online presence across Google. To help customers find your business, you can verify your business and edit your business information. It lets you control how your company is displayed on Google and tell others more about your business and services. Here are several reasons why your […]

Gaslamp’s Top-Performing Articles of 2023

The goal of our Gaslamp blog is to write about and share topics that are relevant and informative for the construction industry. We take a look at specific insurance policies and coverages and how they respond to contractor-related exposures, construction trends and their impact, the market outlook for the various classes of businesses that comprise […]

How Construction Management Software Can Help Your Business

Construction management software (CMS) consists of digital tools to help streamline and enhance the management and execution of construction projects. The software provides project managers, contractors, and stakeholders with efficient ways to plan, organize, and execute construction projects – particularly valuable for larger projects with many moving parts. CMS Functionalities The functionalities of CMS are […]

’Tis the Season for Contractor Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

With the holidays right around the corner, homeowners and business owners are already planning their decorations. Some holiday decorations are quite elaborate, including creating an extravagant winter wonderland that includes extensive exterior light installation and elaborate holiday scenes for all to experience. Other holiday decorations are low-key but still involve heights in installing the lights […]

Construction Market Overview

As the year draws to a close, we thought it would be helpful to look ahead at the construction industry and see what’s in store for 2024. Over the past few years, supply chain issues, labor shortages, economic uncertainty, inflation, and rising interest rates have challenged the construction industry. However, even with these factors, demand […]

How to Set Yourself Apart in the Construction Bidding Process

As a contractor, you’re intimately involved with the bidding process. But if you’re looking to expand your business, you might be on the lookout for tips and tricks that will help you stand out from the competition. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can set yourself apart in the construction bidding process, and […]

What’s the Difference Between Construction Bonds and Insurance?

Bonds and insurance are both critical risk management tools for the construction industry, but they perform different functions and have distinct features. A surety bond is a financial instrument. It financially guarantees that if the principal (the contractor) fails to meet contractual obligations (such as finishing a project, following through on a bid, paying subcontractors […]

Inside Builders Risk Insurance

You’re planning work on a new build or renovation project, so it’s time to get Builders Risk insurance. A Builders Risk policy is temporary Property coverage designed to protect buildings and structures under construction or renovation. Coverage ends when the project is complete, with policies typically written for three, six, nine, or 12 months. Under […]