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Drive More Leads: Tips for Organic Traffic

Using your construction online presence to generate leads can be an efficient and cost-effective platform when done right. It does take some work, though on your part, unless you opt to hire a marketing firm to help you. Following are some tips for generating organic traffic to your website for more leads and opportunities for […]

Why Contractors Need Excess Liability Insurance

Today’s risks coupled with a litigious environment require contractors to look carefully at their Liability insurance program to make sure they have enough coverage in place in the event of a serious loss for which they are found to be responsible. While underlying policies such as Commercial General Liability (CGL) or Commercial Auto insurance address […]

The Importance of Classifications for Workers’ Comp

Classification codes play a significant role for contractors, including when it comes to Workers’ Compensation insurance. Insurance companies use industry and employee classifications to assess risk levels and calculate premiums. Most insurance companies use codes established by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)-an independent organization that gathers and analyzes data on workers’ compensation insurance. […]

Why Building Codes Are Important to Contractors

For any major construction project, there are seemingly endless requirements that the architects, the designers, and the construction crew must adhere to. But for contractors, following current building codes is of the utmost importance for a number of reasons. Contractors, of course, already hold an incredibly important position in any build, as they oversee so […]

What Benefits Can You Find as a PCA Member?

The Preferred Contractors Association (PCA) provides builders with a collaborative community, tools, and information to grow as construction professionals. Member Portal for Best Practices, Risk Management & Safety The PCA member portal is powered by Zywave, a leader in insurance software and producer of industry-specific risk management and safety resources. Members gain access to one […]

The Differences Between Online Job Providers in the Construction Industry

For construction projects big and small, the right contractor is crucial to success. While for decades finding a contractor was a word-of-mouth game built on personal references, today’s modern world is filled with seemingly endless online apps and platforms that give users almost instant access to contractors. But not every app is built the same. […]

Why Do You Need Contractor’s Pollution Liability Insurance?

Contractor’s Pollution Liability (CPL) insurance is valuable protection for contractors who proactively manage environmental risks, comply with regulations, fulfill contractual obligations, protect their financial interests, and ensure responsible environmental practices throughout their operations. A CPL policy provides protection against potentially significant costs and liabilities associated with pollution incidents in the construction industry. Environmental Protection Contractors […]

What Is a “Ghost” Workers’ Compensation Policy?

A “ghost” Workers’ Compensation policy, as it is frequently referred to, is when a business without any workers, other than its owners, receives a request from a potential client for proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and needs to purchase a policy to satisfy the certificate of insurance requirement. Ghost Workers’ Comp Insurance Is a Minimum […]

The Value of Attending Construction Trade Shows

We get it: Trade shows may seem like a busy, crowded convention center with too much schmoozing and not enough focus on the actual construction industry. But for those ready to put in the legwork, trade shows can provide immense value. But what, exactly, should you be on the lookout for in order to benefit […]