Pollution Liability

Coverage for industries facing claims in
hazardous materials exposure.

Pollution Liability Insurance is a supplemental insurance policy written and designed to protect industries that may face claims resulting from hazardous waste, dangerous toxins, or pollution risks. Most pollution liability insurance policies are secured by contractors, but some industries that use or rely on hazardous materials as part of the daily operation may also need pollution liability coverage. Examples of some industries include: Construction; Dry Cleaners; Hair Salons; Art Studios; Service Stations; Auto Repair facilities; Auto Parts; and more.

A Pollution Liability policy should cover damages caused by a pollution condition from or at a site that is preexisting and unknown at the time the insurance is first obtained. At a minimum, the policy should provide the following:

  • A minimum policy period of 5 years after the completion of remediation activities, not including post-completion operation and maintenance.
  • A duty to defend and pay for defense costs in an amount at least up to the limit available under the policy.
  • Covered damages include, but are not limited to: Property damages incurred at a site as an unforeseen and unexpected result of a pollution condition; bodily injury, property damage, and response action costs sustained or incurred by a third-party as a result of a pollution condition at a site.