Why Using QR Codes Can Benefit Your Construction Business


New technologies are continually emerging in the construction industry to make business more efficient. Contractors need to stay on top of developments in equipment, building materials, and inspection codes to ensure projects meet modern expectations.

But there’s one simple technological advancement that’s often overlooked by construction professionals: QR codes. This simple digital metric can drastically improve workflow at a job site and enhance marketing efforts for a construction firm.

What Is a QR Code?

A QR code (short for Quick Response code) is sort of like a bar code. It’s an arrangement of black and white pixels that you can scan using the camera on your smartphone or iPad. QR codes are a safe and easy way to access a web address, open a location in Google maps, access WiFi, or view a PDF or photo. You need to have data or be on WiFi for a QR code to work successfully — otherwise, you can take a photo of the code and scan it later.

Why Using a QR Code Is Helpful on Construction Sites

QR codes are a great way to reduce paperwork and increase job site efficiency. They can be set up to help workers sign in and out for the day, access onboarding paperwork, and link to PDFs on important safety information, state and federal regulations, and data related to the project. Different QR codes can be set up at various points around the build site to share specific information about that location, which helps get everyone on the same page.

QR codes can also be used to manage equipment, allowing workers to digitally check out tools and check them back in when done. This can reduce the chances of lost or stolen equipment and even allow for data on equipment usage so that site managers know when something needs to be replaced.

Why Using QR Codes Is Helpful for Marketing

Contractors can also promote their services with the help of QR codes. Considering so many people have smartphones and are familiar with QR codes, it’s an easy way to connect with potential new customers.

Post QR codes that drive to your website on the exterior of your construction sites so that anyone passing by can quickly learn more about your company. You should also add QR codes to any pamphlets or existing marketing materials you already have. Because QR codes require so little space yet drive users to your website or social media, they are a fantastic, budget-friendly way to market your construction business.