Roofing Trends to Look Out for in 2024


When it comes to roofing, there’s so much more to consider than style. The roofing marketplace is constantly evolving, and contractors must stay current on trends to best serve their clients and deliver exceptional projects. From eco-friendly innovations to implementing durable materials, here’s an overview of 2024’s emerging roofing trends.

Using Eco-Friendly Materials in Roofing

There’s never been more of a demand for eco-friendly or “green” materials in construction, especially when it comes to roofing. Many new residential and commercial projects aim to utilize green practices, and there are several specific roofing processes that are sustainable and growing in popularity.

“Cool” roofs, for example, can reflect the sun, helping homeowners save on energy bills. Meanwhile, solar roofing is becoming cheaper and easier to install — solar shingles are the latest green innovation to hit the roofing marketplace.

A Focus on Durability

Another major focus in 2024 is durable roofing. Durable materials not only improve safety for contractors during installation but also protect projects in the long term. Though durable roofing materials (like clay or slate) can cost more upfront, money is saved over time as less is spent on repairs.

Durable materials are also incredibly beneficial for projects in regions with harsh weather events. As many parts of the U.S. face intense seasonal weather like hurricanes, durable roofs are necessary for new builds.

Neutral Colors Still Reign

When it comes to style, a neutral palette still reigns supreme. Many new builds utilize dark, cool tones, particularly black, paired with an all-white house. Dark grays and even navy blues are popping up in modern projects, too. This sleek look masks long-term wear and tear, and most roofing materials are available in simple neutral colors.

Companies Are Embracing Innovation

Every year, a new wave of innovations in construction arises to change the game. Contractors who embrace new techniques better serve their clients and can manage projects more efficiently.

There are a handful of roofing innovations worth considering. 3D-printed tiles and new roof tile coatings are advancements that make builds more affordable and durable. Artificial intelligence allows contractors to better communicate with clients and share visual mockups of a completed build. Smart technology built directly into roofs can give homeowners real-time insight into weather changes, leaks, or other damage to their property.