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Four Tips on How to Get More Renovation Business

As a contractor, it can feel like half of your time is spent simply finding leads. Home renovation jobs can be a lucrative source of income for your business, but how do you find these customers? From marketing strategies to industry relationships, here are four tips to help you get more renovation business. Showcase Your […]

Benefits of Adding Payroll Services for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers workers injured on the job. Mandated in nearly every state, Workers’ Comp pays for your injured employee’s medical bills, rehabilitation costs, a portion of lost wages, and/or even partial or permanent physical impairment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), common injuries in construction include slips, trips, and falls. […]

Resilient Construction Vital in Mitigating Property Damage Losses

We are experiencing increased frequency and severity of storm losses in the U.S., causing billions of dollars in property damage and devastating communities. In March alone, a strong upper-level disturbance spawned dozens of severe convective storms across the central U.S. According to CoreLogic, hail greater than one inch in diameter affected approximately 660,000 single- and […]

Roofing Trends to Look Out for in 2024

When it comes to roofing, there’s so much more to consider than style. The roofing marketplace is constantly evolving, and contractors must stay current on trends to best serve their clients and deliver exceptional projects. From eco-friendly innovations to implementing durable materials, here’s an overview of 2024’s emerging roofing trends. Using Eco-Friendly Materials in Roofing […]

Why Using QR Codes Can Benefit Your Construction Business

New technologies are continually emerging in the construction industry to make business more efficient. Contractors need to stay on top of developments in equipment, building materials, and inspection codes to ensure projects meet modern expectations. But there’s one simple technological advancement that’s often overlooked by construction professionals: QR codes. This simple digital metric can drastically […]

Why Carry Builders Risk Insurance

Builders Risk insurance provides coverage for buildings and structures while under construction, renovation, or remodeling. The policy, written for a specific time frame (3, 6, 9, or 12 months), protects against various risks that can occur during the construction process. It typically covers the following: Property Damage to Insured Structure & Materials: This includes damage […]

Why Maintaining Your Certificates of Insurance Is So Important

Obtaining certificates of insurance (COI) is an essential step in the construction bidding and performance process. Clients, including residential property owners, commercial real estate owners, municipalities and public bodies, and general contractors (GC), all require contractors to provide COIs. Keeping up with your COIs is critical for several reasons: Proof of Insurance Having up-to-date certificates […]

Gaslamp Has Coverage for Everything Construction

At Gaslamp, we specialize in construction insurance and protecting the various types of contractors – from general contractors to subcontractors and artisan contractors – that comprise this segment. We understand the multiple exposures you face in your work and what coverages are needed to protect your property, assets, customers, and people. Our portfolio of construction […]

Five Tips for Re-Engaging Past Clients

For contractors, finding the right client is a key part of a successful project. When you’ve worked with a fantastic client in the past, staying connected is crucial. But how do you re-engage existing customers in an authentic way? Rather than reaching out to a past client out of the blue, utilize these five tips […]