Five Tips for Re-Engaging Past Clients


For contractors, finding the right client is a key part of a successful project. When you’ve worked with a fantastic client in the past, staying connected is crucial. But how do you re-engage existing customers in an authentic way?

Rather than reaching out to a past client out of the blue, utilize these five tips to consistently (and organically) keep up with clients, and avoid losing them to a competitor.

Follow Up with Requests for Feedback

One of the most immediate ways you can ensure extended contact with a client once a project is completed is by asking for feedback. Send out customer satisfaction surveys automatically via email, and be sure to leave room for individualized feedback so that clients feel that their voice is heard. Additionally, encourage clients to share positive reviews on your website or other third-party sites — not only will this help with future business, but it will improve your relationship with the existing client.

Reach Out on Special Occasions

Take the time to connect with existing clients on special occasions like birthdays and major holidays. Personal notes sent over email (or, even better, sent through snail mail) will show clients that you care about them beyond your business relationship. Don’t overdo this type of messaging; custom notes a few times of year go a long way in making a customer feel special.

Share Unique Offers for Existing Clients

Another way to woo back former clients is, of course, with exclusive offers. Share custom discount codes for services that former clients could use on their existing projects, like touch-ups or improvements to outdated technology. You can also create loyalty programs to reward returning customers, or generate referral codes to inspire your existing client base to send new leads your way.

Interact with Past Clients on Social Media

If you’re looking to regularly interact with your past clients in a low-lift way, consider connecting with them on social media. There are plenty of ways to build a long-lasting community with your clients on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can share “before and after” pictures of their projects, comment on their posts from time to time, and share “throwback” pictures from your work with former clients. These interactions serve as subtle reminders of your excellent work, and will keep your services top of mind!

Host a Yearly In-Person Event

Finally, a great way to re-engage former clients is by hosting an in-person event. Invite all of your existing customers to a yearly dinner or casual drinks as both a “thank you,” and as an opportunity to network. Though this can be an investment, it’s a great way to show your gratitude, reconnect face-to-face, and even build new leads.