Small Business Marketing Strategies Contractors Need for 2023


It's no secret; 2022 brought with it economic uncertainty, labor shortages, and supply chain issues-all of which impacted contractors and small business owners around the globe. While the world continues to change, adapting to industry trends is key to keeping your construction company alive during these challenging times. From developing a brand mission to implementing tech to elevate the customer experience, investing in multi-channel media, and tapping into real-time data, there's no better time to optimize your marketing strategy for 2023 than now.

Develop Your Brand & Purpose

Whether buying clothes, food, or bidding contractors, customers are turning to companies with a strong brand purpose that aligns with their values. Turns out, there should be more to your website, profiles, and social platforms than a list of services and contact information; clearly outline your story and mission in a way that's authentic, value-centric, and conversational. With competition booming, set yourself apart by spotlighting your quality of work, exceptional customer service, years of education, experience, and sustainable business practices. Another way to develop your company's identity and connect to a greater purpose is by donating your skills and time to local charities and community-building causes dedicated to helping those in need.

Elevate the Customer Experience with Tech

You can't be available to answer questions 24/7, especially if you're facing a workplace shortage. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can. More and more businesses are introducing technologies such as AI to help engage with customers online. Chatbots can be implemented directly into your current professional website to help answer current and prospective clients' initial questions before putting them in touch with a real-life representative. Remember, the chat function shouldn't replace personal outreach but can act as a first point of contact for someone looking for a response ASAP.

Invest in Multi-Channel Marketing

While expanding marketing tactics across platforms isn't exactly new, it's crucial to find more leads in 2023. Think about it; your customers' online habits have changed, and they aren't just scrolling through Facebook-they're actively searching for and researching contractors across multiple channels like review-based search engines, hyperlocal digital publications, virtual neighborhood groups, and more before landing on your website, social platforms, or calling you directly. Expand your marketing horizons and create a seamless experience by meeting customers where they are.

Not sure where to start? Join industry associations and connect with like-minded contractors and small business owners to see what's working (and not working) for them as a kicking off point.

Use Data to Support (and Modify) Your Marketing Strategy

Once you've developed a multi-channel marketing strategy, it's time to leverage customer data to optimize your efforts. Capture more leads and grow your contracting business by better understanding your prospective clients-by identifying demographic information, interests, and the way they navigate and interact with your website. You can run relevant ad campaigns hyper-focused to target the right audience.

Ultimately, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to contractor marketing, but leading with authenticity, experimenting with tech, implementing an omnichannel approach, and leveraging historical data will help lay the foundation for a successful strategy in 2023.