How to Solicit Reviews for Your Construction Business


Contractors, your small business could be missing out on big bucks if you're completing construction jobs and not asking customers for reviews. The fact is, whether consumers are looking to buy a pair of shoes or hire a trusty handyman, they're turning to the power of online reviews to help them make the right decision. Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure more jobs and grow your business organically. Read on for tips on how to successfully solicit reviews and build your reputation.

The Benefit of Asking for Online Reviews

Picture this: A prospective client pulls up your website or searches your company name on Google, only to find zero reviews. Meanwhile, a local competitor has dozens. Which contractor do you think they'll hire for the job? Word of mouth, be it online or offline, is crucial to help you build-and earn-trust from customers. Not to mention, more reviews help amplify your online presence and can boost traffic to your website.

How to Ask For Reviews from Customers

Asking for reviews may feel awkward at first, but it doesn't have to be. People love to share their opinions and are more than willing to do so if they've had a positive experience; you just have to ask-or gently nudge. Not sure where to start? Here are five helpful tips on how to solicit reviews for your small business:

  1. Ask in Person: Don't be shy; if the opportunity comes up, go for it! This may be hard to do at first, but if you've built a great working relationship with a client or feel comfortable, this is an effective way to get glowing reviews.


  1. Follow Up with an Email: Once a construction project is complete, follow up with a client via email prompting them to leave their feedback. Be clear and include a link to the exact review platform (Google, Yelp, Facebook, your website, etc.). If you're looking for examples, there are review request email templates available online. Use the template as your guide and add a personal touch to your message-this can be short and sweet.


  1. Send Out 'Thank You' Cards: Who doesn't love a hand-written thank you? Streamline the process by purchasing cards with your business name, logo, and contact information already printed, then jot down a personalized line encouraging a review. Direct marketing still works if you do it right!


  1. Send a Text: It's no secret that we're always on our phones. Make it easy for a client to leave you a review by directly texting them a link. Shoot them a friendly note letting them know you wrapped up the project, and would love it if they could take a couple of minutes out of their day to share their experience.


  1. Use Social Media: We all know social media is a great way to spread the word about your small business. Creating a Facebook post asking for reviews with a direct link is absolutely free! Plus, you can create additional posts sharing existing reviews.

Bottom line: Reviews are vital to the growth of your small business-and all contractors should look at reviews as an imperative part of their marketing strategy. Make the process of sharing feedback super simple for customers, and watch how new bids come your way.