How Great Photography Boosts Your Social Media Presence


It seems like a new social media app is popping up every other day. For small businesses, keeping up with the trends can be a source of frustration - after all, you have work to do, homes to remodel, and houses to build!  

But in actuality, a well-maintained social media presence can serve as a low-cost, high-impact form of marketing. By learning how to take a great photo, posting on your social media accounts can go from painful to beneficial. And you may even have some fun along the way! Here is why photography on social media is so important and how to get started. 

No Stock Images Here

While it may feel easiest to simply download and post stock photography across your social media, original photography will always win out. People can instantly recognize stock photos, and they're more likely to scroll past something that seems unoriginal. If you want to stand out from the crowd, hire a photographer or take photos of your work yourself - even if the quality doesn't seem as "perfect" in your eyes, you'll have a much better chance at getting a customer's attention! 

Audiences Gravitate Towards Authenticity

On social media, audiences enjoy seeing the "real" side of life, and that includes businesses. Whether you're showing equipment in use or the friendly faces of a job site, giving a glimpse into the actual human side of your business is a pro move. It allows customers to learn more about your brand and what you stand for and get to know the various people who would generally be "behind the scenes." 

You'll Generate Better Sales & Engagement…

On certain platforms, like LinkedIn and Facebook, you aren't required to post photos - but business will be better if you do. Posts stand out more when there is a visual component, so people are more likely to pause if they see a photo alongside any marketing message from your account. If you're on an exciting new project or trying to direct people to your website, try including a fun photo that grabs attention. 

…And Your Account Will Grow

At the end of the day, social platforms simply want you to post and to do it a lot. The algorithm will reward you for posting original content, meaning your social media account will reach new prospective customers. If you can get into the habit of posting regularly, you'll meet new demographics and drive fresh traffic to your business. 

Feeling Unsure? Here's How to Start

If this sounds daunting, try playing around with your phone in a low-stakes environment. Explore the various settings to see how you're able to adjust the lighting and the focus. You don't need fancy equipment these days to take a stellar photo!   

Once you feel comfortable with your device, keep it on hand at all times so that you can pull it out when an opportune moment arises. It's often best to take photos while in the moment rather than staging a shot - these authentic, action-based photos will have a better energy and appeal to online audiences. Plus, over time, you won't need to think about taking pictures for social media. You'll just have your phone on hand and happen to capture images as fun moments arise. 

Every few months, take a step and look at the variety of content you've posted. It's good to diversify the images you're sharing so that someone new to your account doesn't think you post the same thing repeatedly. Try to share a mix of images, from faces to landscapes to before-and-after photos. Consider sharing short videos, too, as this is a great way to give even more personality to your online brand.