A Look Inside Home Design and Building Trends


With constant technological advancements and ever-changing tastes, the construction industry is always evolving. Staying on top of trends helps you interact more meaningfully with clients — it shows them your passion for and knowledge of your industry. As we usher in the new year, take a look at some of the top trends in building and design.

Colorful Kitchens: While the sleek and modern black and white kitchens are not going anywhere just yet, a new, eclectic and colorful style is entertaining the design stage. Watch out for rich jewel toned cabinets, funky wallpapers, mixed metals, and alternative countertop material this year.

Sustainability: Homeowners are not only looking for homes able to withstand extreme weather, but also homes that are eco-friendly and efficient. Smart technology, alternative energy, recycled materials, and deliberate climate friendly landscaping are all expected to rise in popularity.

Prefab Construction: Prefab construction has been used in the industry for many years and, in light of the labor and supply shortage, they may be making a comeback through modular construction. Modular construction is an increasingly popular construction technique where things are brought to site in nearly finished building blocks which are then quickly assembled. Experts predict modular construction will increase 6% globally in the year 2022.

Indoor-Outdoor Living: All the time spent at home during quarantine has many homeowners yearning to turn their home into their own natural oasis. Outdoor fire pits, outdoor televisions and speakers, and direct access to outdoor spaces via porches and patios are popular among buyers.

Patterned Hardwood: From herringbone to chevron, two-toned to concentric rectangles, patterned hardwood floors are growing in popularity as homeowners move away from carpet. Hardwood and wood-appearing flooring, like laminate or vinyl, are a trend that is only increasing.

Larger, More Luxurious Bathrooms: The average bathroom is often boring and outdated. Now, after too much time spent at home, many are looking to revamp their washrooms. Bathrooms were the second most popular home improvement project of 2021 after yard/landscaping projects. Realtors are seeing an increase in bathroom size and noting that clients choose showers over tubs.

Flexible Rooms: Single use spaces are a thing of the past. Offices that double as guest rooms, dining rooms that double as offices, flexible spaces and multifunctional furniture are of great interest to homeowners.

Minimalism and Maximalism?: Over the past two years, the minimalists and maximalists have veered further and further away from each other. The maximalists have become even more over the top amid COVID, using their increased expendable income on their homes, and the minimalists have doubled down on their decluttering lifestyle. It varies by client, but the key takeaway is people’s tastes are becoming more extreme versions of what they were.

Kitchen are the Heart of the Home: The kitchen has grown into the center of the home. Not only is it where food is prepared, it is also where people gather and entertain. On the double island design trend, designer Marshall Erb says “there’s a dinner-theater component to double islands.”

Lifestyle and culture ultimately dictate design trends, and technological advancements determine operational trends — both of which are always in flux. Engage with your industry online and in real life by joining LinkedIn groups, social media sites, and trade associations to stay abreast of the latest trends.